Klementine O’Neil was in the business of making people smile, and how could anyone not smile looking at this sweet face. She loved coming to RMVC for her cardiology rechecks, and her visits were often followed with a touching note or some delicious snacks for her team. Sadly we lost Klementine last month, when her heart disease progressed to a point that her owners felt her quality of life was compromised. Klementine was Dr. Jeremy Orr’s and his team’s loyal patient since 2015, and she touched the lives of many people around her. Even just the mention of her name at RMVC will cause several of our staff to look up and smile as they remember her.
We recently received a donation made in Klementine’s name to our Teddy’s Heart Foundation. The donor not only loved Klementine but also wanted to recognize her cardiology team. We deeply appreciated this kindness, and we are truly glad to be a part of a gesture that will ultimately make a difference in another patient’s care.

Thank you little Klementine and thank you to your generous friends and family!