Many of the procedures preformed by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology are conducted in the cardiac catheterization lab with the use of fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is a type of advanced imaging used to diagnose and help treat certain types of diseases.  This type of imaging is similar to radiography in that it involves the use of x-rays to visualize internal structures of the body.  Fluoroscopy is differentiated from radiography, however, in that it utilizes continuous production of x-rays to create moving pictures in the form of real-time video recordings.  Through this effect, it can be used as both a diagnostic tool to diagnose certain diseases (i.e. dynamic airway disease, angiography, etc.), as well as aid in the treatment of certain congenital and acquired diseases where visualization of internal structures of the body is required (i.e. tracheal stents, ballon valvuloplasty, pacemaker lead implantation, occluder device deployment).

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology uses a fluoroscope much like the one pictured here for procedures requiring catheterization.
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