The decision to euthanize a beloved pet can be one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make. Whether you find yourself facing this difficult decision or just want to be prepared for when the time comes, it is normal to have many questions. How will I know it is time? What are the next steps? How do I give my companion a compassionate goodbye? Your RMVC team is here to support you and your family through all of these decisions. We invite you to call us with any questons or concerns you have during this difficult time.

Often, clients confide in us that they wish their beloved pet could spend their last moments in their home environment with all of their family members around them. Fortunately, there are many wonderful local veteriarians dedicated to providing this compassionate and personal service. Vist the links below to explore options and find a final care team that fits your at home euthaniasian needs


One Last Gift Unfortunately, the time must come to say goodbye to our pets. Our animals give themselves to us fully, wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Most of us reciprocate that love which makes having to say goodbye all the more difficult. Read more

Thankfully, there is an alternative. One Last Gift we can give them: being able to say goodbye in the home where they are calm and comforted, and where they are surrounded completely by love.

Home to Heaven Home to Heaven provides the knowledge and support you need to care for your pet at this difficult time. Our service has been helping families since 2006 and we have the experience you are looking for.  We help you make the right decisions for your pet and your family. Exceptional care is our entire focus.Read more

There may not be a definitive timeline, but we’ll create a plan of care to make things easier for everyone. We will be there with you through this process – before, during, and even years after you say goodbye to your beloved pet.

Caring Pathways Your pet is a cherished friend and companion. When it’s time to say goodbye, it can be one of the most difficult experiences of your relationship. Dr. Larry Magnuson founded Caring Pathways in the hopes of creating a different way for pets and their owners to say their final goodbyes: in peace and with kindness in the home setting. Read more

As you enter this end-of-life journey with your pet, Caring Pathways desires to help you with expertise, compassion, and tenderness as you progress down the path.


Argus Institute Counselling and Grief Service 

The Argus Institute provides free grief counseling relating to pet loss and support to those making end-of-life decisions for their pets. Founded in 1984, our unique program is one of the longest standing, most comprehensive programs of its kind. Our clinical counselors offer support to people who are facing difficult decisions regarding their pets’ health and help them manage the challenges of caring for a sick animal.