One of the concerns for dogs and cats with heart disease is the development of congestive heart failure – this refers to fluid build-up (congestion) within the lungs, which generally causes signs of coughing (dogs), restlessness, labored breathing and lethargy.  Therefore we recommend that many clients begin monitoring their pets resting respiratory rate at home to not only determine their baseline, but also determine if fluid is beginning to congest in their lungs.  A resting study revealed that monitoring of the resting respiratory rate at home was both sensitive and specific for the development of pulmonary edema (heart failure).  In our modern age of technology and smart phones, it shouldn’t be a surprise that an app is presently available to help clients not only count the respiratory rate but also trend the values.  The app also gives the user the ability to email their respiratory rates to their doctor!  The app is available for both the iPhone and for android phones using the links below: