Administering an inhalant medication to your pet

1. Shake inhaler well. You may shake the medication separately or while it is attached to the end of
the chamber device.

2. Depress the inhalant medication per your veterinarian’s orders. It is best to do this away from your pets face to avoid startling them with the sudden spray. You may see a burst of medication enter the chamber, but most often it is clear and invisible.

3. Apply mask to your pet’s face, ensuring it fits snugly, covering their nose and mouth. Your pet should take 10 full breaths of the inhaled medication. You can count your pet’s breath by watching their chest rise and fall (one in and out movement equals one full breath). Alternatively you can observe the blue valve open slightly as your pet inhales.


Purchasing inhalant medications

The inhalant medication your veterinarian prescribes may be purchased at several different online pharmacies. Delivery may take up to one month to receive in the mail, so please plan accordingly. You will be sent home with two written prescriptions for Flovent. One for you to take to your local pharmacy for immediate filling and the other to mail to the online pharmacy you select. Please go online and set up an account with the pharmacy you choose and place the order for this medication. The pharmacy will contact us for approval.

The pharmacy we most often recommend is:

This pharmacy offers generic Flovent (Fluticasone)
*Please contact the pharmacy for current pricing.

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