Mathilda, our featured pet of October, is a really special little girl. She is a four year old pygmy goat who was referred RMVC by Rocky Top Veterinary Services after a heart murmur was detected. Mathilda was given good news following her echocardiogram and she will not need to see her cardiologist for a recheck for another year. It was so much fun to have this little girl at our VRCC clinic and Mathilda’s mom, Hilary, captures below what it is like to live with this sweet girl. “Mathilda’s spirit is as big as her body is small. She is spunky, playful, affectionate, and a bit dominant with her two caprine colleagues. When she runs, she tosses her head from side to side in an utterly endearing way. She is also highly intelligent and appears to understand everything I say to her. If I ask her not to do something, she understands immediately and looks up at me with a slightly hurt expression on her face. She loves to have her ears rubbed and soon closes her eyes, falling into a state of bliss. Mathilda’s life and mine were only joined three months ago, but my world has already been expanded and enriched by this huge spirit in a small, short-legged body.”