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CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)/DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
To allow for optimal treatment of your pet(s), all patients hospitalized at Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center are assigned a CPR code. This code enables AVSEC to carry out your wishes if it becomes necessary during or following an emergency.
Key Messages:
CPR is used to attempt to restore heart rhythm and breathing.
A DNR tells the veterinary care team not to give CPR if your pet’s heart and/or breathing stop.
About CPR
CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing given to a pet whose heart has stopped beating and/or has stopped breathing.
CPR may include the following:
- Manual chest compressions (performed using the hands)
- Defibrillation (a brief electric shock applied to the chest to restore a normal heart rhythm)
- The use of drugs to stimulate the heart
- Insertion of breathing tube down the throat into the lungs

Alpenglow VSEC is committed to providing high-level care at a reasonable cost, but the costs of veterinary treatment are often stressful and unexpected. Alpenglow Animal Critical Care + Emergency (AACCE) partners with a foundation called the Lady Bug Fund to ease the strain on our clients experiencing financial hardship in a pet emergency. If you would like to make a donation to the Lady Bug Fund to help a community member in need, please inform us, and one of our client care members will provide you with information on how, and where to donate.

Treatment Authorization and Information/Photo Release

I am the owner or the agent of the owner, of the above-described pet and have the authority to execute this agreement.  I authorize Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (RMVC and/or AACCE and/or AMVS) to examine and treat the above pet.  I have read and agreed to the financial policy of AVSEC, RMVC, AACCE, AMVS.  I accept full financial responsibility for the pet.  I understand that payment for diagnostic tests and treatment that I authorize in writing or verbally will be due at the time my pet is dismissed from the hospital.  I also understand that if my pet is hospitalized by AACCE, he/she will need to be picked-up the next day prior to AACCE closing at 8:00AM.
If another veterinarian has referred me to this hospital, I understand that they will receive a summary of the care and treatment provided by AVSEC, and/or (RMVC, AACCE, AMVS) in order to ensure that my pet’s care can be continued without interruption.  I also understand that AVSEC, RMVC, AACCE, AMVS consider the identification of a referring veterinarian by me to be my authorization to release records and information to that veterinarian.
Case information and/or photos may be used in teaching, continuing education, and veterinary literature.  I authorize release of case/patient information for such purposes; patient confidentiality will be maintained. In the event of ownership transfer, I authorize the release of medical information to the new owner of this animal.
Financial Policy
Payment is due as services are rendered.  For hospitalized cases, a deposit is required in advance.  The balance is due upon discharge from the hospital.  You may pay by cash, personal check, Care Credit, or Visa/MasterCard credit cards.  In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please let us know immediately if these terms are not satisfactory.  Checks will be made payable to one of the following: RMVC, AACCE, AMVS